Natural & Organic


Ethical - Vegan


``The Eminent`` For Long Lasting Beauty

We deliver what we say because we believe in “under promise over deliver”

Here products are made with the core belief & thorough study of Ayurveda text along with ancient wisdom & philosophy


Core belief & study of Ayurveda text along with ancient wisdom & philosophy is the crux of “The Eminent”

We decided to capitalize on this growing awareness about the scientific benefits of  Ayurvedic recipes & herbs, and combining that with the aesthetic sensibilities of modern consumers to create a line of Ayurveda products, that retained the core principles and benefits of the Ayurveda recipe but in a format that was packaged well, convenient to use and well fragranced.

Naturally safe: no colorants, no preservatives, no parabens

Since our products are naturally preserved they actually do not require external preservatives for preservation. Our products can be relied on as they do not contain parabens which are said to be carcinogenic. We do not tend to add external colourants as they might be harmful for the skin.

We make efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

With the ever increasing pollution ranging from land, soil, air, water the surrounding needs to be preserved & so we take efficient efforts to keep the emissions at bay also the water is well treated at ETP plants & then reused.

For a healthier, more beautiful you

People eating organic food 25%
People eating fast food 74%
People on diets 86%

We believe in sustainable harvesting

We partner with farmers to procure the ingredients through community based harvesting methods, thereby providing long-term support and hands-on training for related processes.

We use cold pressed oils

We hand pick the produce from a bunch of farmers in our region to make cold pressed oils which retain the essential nutrients & actives of the oil seeds & oil to help us make a better product.

100% On-time product delivery

Yes you heard it right we will always try to keep pace with what we say & what we deliver you will be glad to take our services.